Western Australia

Meet the PNH community – Western Australia

Read about the experiences of two people from WA. Click on the links below to learn more about each person’s unique experience.


Garry and his family live in Esperance and have supported each other through Garry’s continuing daily battle with the symptoms of PNH. He has struggled to keep up with his twins and the demands of his lifestyle. He retains a positive attitude and is hopeful of a new lease of life once he gains access to Soliris. Read more…


Zara was only recently diagnosed with PNH and works full-time despite ongoing severe fatigue.  She is still experiencing the rollercoaster of feelings which hit shortly after a diagnosis but is putting on a brave face. Read More…


If you would like to share your own PNH experiences on our site, please contact our Secretary, Jenny Sturrock on info@pnhsaa.org.au


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