Support required for New Zealand PNH patients

On Tuesday 21 May PHARMAC, the NZ Government’s medicines funding agency, abruptly ended negotiations to provide patients living with PNH with access to the life-saving treatment, Soliris.

As we are all too well aware, the situation is dire

The PNHSANZ asks that Australian members express support for PNH  patients in New Zealand by making a submission to PHARMAC before 31  July 2013.

Attached is a document which outlines the situation and how to respond to PHARMAC (NZ medicines funding agency) and a letter template for the  Minister of Health.
Letter Template To Hon Tony Ryall (Doc)
We Need Your Help (pdf)

The PNHSAA will make a formal submission to PHARMAC and write to NZ  Minister of Health.

We encourage you to take some time to respond so that the PNH patients in NZ have the opportunity to receive Soliris treatment, just like  Australia.

Let us show NZ that we care and that Soliris is worth the fight!

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