Health Minister’s promise “As soon as I get that advice, this drug will be funded”

During an interview with 4BC Brisbane’s Michael Smith on 17 August 2010, Health Minister Nicola Roxon confirmed that the outcome of the PBAC’s further review of Soliris, requested by her in May 2010, had not yet been provided to her.

She noted that the decision whether or not to fund drugs should not be a party political decision, but a process to make sure that taxpayers’ money is being spent upon drugs that are effective.

In May 2010, she asked the PBAC to further investigate the effectiveness of Soliris, particularly in relation to its ability to extend the life of PNH patients.

She said:

“I will do everything I can to make sure I get this advice as quickly as possible and we act as quickly as possible”.  “As soon as I get that advice, this drug will be funded”.

The full interview can be found here.  The discussion about Soliris starts about halfway through.

The PNHSAA is very hopeful that the PBAC will confirm that Soliris meets the new Life Saving Drugs Program criteria and it will recommend that the Government provide funding.  We also hope that the Health Minister will act as promised, to ensure that all patients who need Soliris get access as soon as possible.

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